PS5 Price & Release Date Details Finally Revealed During Sony’s Showcase Event

     September 16, 2020


Before today’s showcase event for Sony’s much-hyped next-gen console, the PlayStation 5, we had more info about their competitor than their own system. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were ahead of the game, having announced the pre-order date, release date, and price for both versions of their next-gen gaming systems. That changed with today’s reveal of the PS5 pricing structure for both their digital-only and their disk-drive versions of the hardware, along with lots more (but no pre-order info just yet). Update: “Pre-orders will be available starting as early as tomorrow at select retailers,” per a new press release.

Before we get to the PS5s, let’s look back at the Xbox Series X/S. Those details include:

  • Xbox Series X ($499)
  • Xbox Series S ($299)
  • Launching globally November 10th; pre-orders start September 22nd
  • Plus financing plans ($24.99 of $34.99 a month).

So how does Sony’s offerings stack up? Here’s a look at the pricing and release date info:

And just in case that tweet disappears, here are some screenshots from today’s showcase:


Image via Sony


Image via Sony

So Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and the PS5 with disc-drive are at the same price point, with the Xbox arriving in gamers’ hands just a couple of days before Sony’s console in some territories and a whole 9 days earlier everywhere else. The bigger difference here is in the price point of the slimmer, sleeker, and all-digital versions; Microsoft wins this battle by a respectable $100 margin. So while you can expect a $500 wallet punch this holiday season for the primo next-gen consoles, you have a little bit of wiggle room in deciding which of the cheaper options you’d like to spring for.

But the biggest difference between the two systems lies in the software, ie the games that you’ll ultimately play on these devices. Sony’s exclusive titles are legendary at this point. One has only to look at today’s showcase of trailers to see how much hype lies ahead. God of War: Ragnarok, anyone?

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