‘Resident Evil: Village’ PS5 Trailer Promises to Scare the Shit Out of You in Even Higher HD

     June 11, 2020


Sony announced over 2 dozen games in their PlayStation 5 reveal livestream event today, while cunningly avoiding any mention of how much the hotly anticipated next-gen console is going to cost. (Honestly they can charge $5,000 and I would donate bone marrow to pay for one.) Easily one of the most exciting announcements was the trailer for Resident Evil 8, titled Resident Evil: Village.

The trailer is about 3 minutes long, and begins with a creepy walk through a creepy forest while some lady reads a creepy ass story about some dumb kid picking berries. From there, everything quickly goes off the rails, as we’re introduced to a paranoid old woodsman, a bunch of monsters, a freaking puzzle castle, and what appears to be a goddamn werewolf. Also I’m pretty sure I spotted the Executioner from Resident Evil 5 somewhere in there. Whoo boy, my buttcheeks just clenched from pure muscle memory.

What’s interesting to me, as a longtime fan of the series, is that Resident Evil: Village appears to be a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, which is a franchise first. Generally, each new installment in the main series would switch protagonists and begin a related but entirely different storyline. Village appears to be primarily focused on Ethan and Mia, the married couple at the center of the previous game. Although series mainstay Chris Redfield appears right at the end, looking just as goofy as ever, to shoot someone who may or may not be Mia. Seriously, it’s like there’s a contest between the developers to see how utterly ridiculous they can make Chris look in each new installment. You can check out the trailer below. For more on the PS5, check out the hardware reveal trailer and the full list of games announced.

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