PSA Sunday: Happy Mother’s Day from Blood Gulch

     May 13, 2012


In case you missed Hugh Jackman wishing moms a Happy Mother’s Day from the set of Les Miserables, we have a back up plan for you! Sarge and the crew from “Red vs Blue” have mothers, too.  They’re here in this PSA, broadcasting from their outpost in Blood Gulch to give you advice on the best/worst gifts to give your mom on Mother’s Day.  While your mom might not understand the reference, there’s a good chance she bought you your XBox and the first copy of Halo way back in 2001.  So how’s about putting a little thought into what you get her for this year’s celebration of all things maternal?  Hit the jump for a list of suggestions from Sarge, Donut, Tucker and more.

Here’s a list of gifts for you mom, courtesy of Sarge: extra-bendy cactus, exotic flightless bird, undercarriage washer, dispenser of goodies, Argentine man-servant, space goo, rhinoplasty, donkeyplasty, banjo spaceship, wind samples, mutton and fineries. Check out the Mother’s Day PSA below:


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