PSA Sunday: Japan Teaches Kids About Nuclear Fallout with Cartoon Poop Jokes [Updated]

     April 8, 2012


Dear Japan, I love ya, but you’re weird. We had proof of that fact earlier this week with this completely insane NSFW trailer for Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead.  In honor of that piece of cinematic originality, we’ve selected a PSA from the Land of the Rising Sun.  While the subject material is no laughing matter, the way in which the minds behind this PSA went about it certainly is. The following PSA reflects efforts to inform and reassure children during the tragic earthquake, tsunami and near nuclear fallout of 2011.  And they do it by introducing a cute little cartoon character with a digestive problem.  I’m all for informing the kids about the dangers of radiation without scaring the shit out of them (the ever-present threat of Godzilla must weigh on the mind), but this is just straight up weird.  Hit the jump to see the PSA, which features nice cameos by Three-Mile Island Lad and Chernobyl Boy!

[Update: We like to have a little fun with our PSAs and no offense is intended. The following kid-friendly PSA was created by Japanese media artist, Kazuhiko Hachiya.]

Watch the PSA for Nuclear Boy below. If you’d like to donate to disaster relief efforts, more information can be found at the American Red Cross.

I think that PSA was written by the same people who made this commercial:

“There’s your answer, fish-bulb!”


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