PSP goes Retro

     July 28, 2005


Posted by Frosty


This was sent it by a good friend, and a reliable source. I know there is a lot of information below, but trust me it’s worth it. Take a look at the pix of the retro games on the PSP, nothing can be cooler than using one companies product to play another.; If anyone can offer suggestions;to help make this better, please let me know. You can email me on the above link.


PSP goes Retro



A Step by Step guide to playing NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, etc. on your PSP


Okay…by now, everyone has heard of others hacking their way into the PSP and modifying and adding Nintendo games, etc.; So, being the curious geek that I am, I decided to go ahead and try it out.

It took a little bit of time to find all the right info I needed.; You may find a lot of places saying that it’s only for v1.0 or that it only works on the Japanese models, but they’re wrong.


I did it today, and I’ve been playing Mario bros. ever since.


So below is a step by step guide on where to go and what to do.

Before we begin there are few things to note –


The steps below are for those gamers who have the American version of the PSP with software version 1.5.; Also, ROMs should not be illegally obtained.


To find out the software version you have on your PSP do the following –

1.; With your PSP on (I know it sounds stupid, but you never know)

Go to Settings>System Settings>System Information>Hit X

2.; Look at your “System Software Version”

If it says version 1.50, you’re golden.; If it says anything else (1.51, 1.52,2.0), you’re just going to have to wait until the hacks are created.


Once you’ve determined that it works, there’s not much more to do.


In order to get everything, you need to have a memory stick in the PSP with a minimum of 32MB, but you should probably have at least 64MB or 128MB.


Hacking the PSP

1.; Download the program Winrar HERE

2.; Install the program.

3.; Download;THIS FILE;to your desktop.

4.; You’ll see the item on your desktop it’ll look like a stack of books. Double click the file.; A window will pop-up.; Click EXTRACT TO at the top.; Another window will pop-up.; Keep all the setting the same and click OK.; You’ll see it do it’s little extract shuffle, and then the window will close.

5.; Go to your desktop.; There should now be a folder labeled “KXSploit Homebrew Emulator Pack V4[1].0 (PSP V1.5)”

6.; Open it up and make sure that there are 5 things in it:

;;;;;;;;;;; – Install 1st

;;;;;;;;;;; – Install 2nd

;;;;;;;;;;; – Install 3rd

;;;;;;;;;;; – Program Read Me’s

;;;;;;;;;;; – Read Me


7.; With a memory stick in the PSP, connect the PSP to your PC via the USB cable.

8.; Scroll over to SETTINGS.

9.; Scroll up to USB CONNECTION and hit X

10.; Your computer should show that it is connecting.

11. Once connected, the file folder should pop-up on your screen.; If it does not.; Go to MY COMPUTER.; The computer will see it as a Removable Disk.; Double click on the removable disk (mine was the E: drive), you’ll know as soon as you open it, there will be a file labeled PSP. (If there is not, make sure you have a formatted memory stick, if you don’t please follow the instructions below)

12.; Open the file labeled PSP.; There should already be some files in it, one of which is labeled GAME.; If there’s not, don’t worry about it.; Right click and go to NEW>FOLDER and name it GAME

13.; Open the GAME folder and then go back to your DESKTOP and open the folder KXSploit Homebrew Emulator Pack V4[1].0 (PSP V1.5).

14.; Then go into the “Install 1st” folder.; Double Click on the PSP folder and than the GAME folder.

15.; There should be two folders in this file.; Go to EDIT>se;le;ct ALL and then go to EDIT>COPY

16.; Go back to the GAME folder you created in step 12.; Open that game folder and click on EDIT>PASTE.; The folders should be dropped into that folder.

17.; Continue this for INSTALL 2nd, INSTALL 3rd.; For the PROGRAM READ ME’S, just copy and paste that entire folder.

18. You have now loaded on the programs you need to play the old school Nintendo, SG, SNES, etc.

19.; Pick up your PSP Handheld.;

20.; Click on the O, to take you out of the USB Mode.

21.; Scroll Over to GAME

22.; Scroll down to the Memory Stick and hit X

23.; The first file you see may say “CORRUPTED DATA” which is fine.; If done correctly you should be able to scroll down and see Nintendo and Sega Genesis Characters.

24.; These are what we call “EMULATORS” – Programs that run inside the handheld and actually run the old school games.

There you go, all done!



The next step is downloading the games or “ROMS” for each Emulator.; So Google search NES ROM’s or whatever.; Just to warn you, you’re going to have to sift thru a bunch of crap, but they’re out there.;


Once you’ve downloaded some ROMS, to play them simply:

1.; Connect your PSP to your PC

2.; Open the GAME folder, and then for whatever system you downloaded to the game for (NES,SNES,SG, etc.) place the file in that system’s folder (the one WITHOUT the % sign).; So if you downloaded an NES game it will have a file extension of .nes.; Copy and paste it into the NESTERJ file, the one without the % sign.

3.; Go back to your handheld and press the O button to disconnect from USB mode.

4.; Scroll over to GAME

5.; Scroll down to Memory Stick and hit X

6.; Scroll down to the system for this example I will use NesterJ, and hit X

7.; It will start the program and you’ll see a box with blue stripes on the top and the bottom and a list.; In that list you will see the games you’ve downloaded.

8.; Choose the one you want and hit O

9.; The game should start up and you’re ready to go.

10.; If you’re in the middle of the game and you want to save push the L button and it will bring up your menu.

11.; To get back to the home screen just press the HOME button.


That’s it and you’re all ready to.; For more information about ROMs or Emulators go HERE


How to Format a Memory Stick.

1.; inse;rt the Memory Stick into your PSP


3.; Scroll down to Format Memory Stick and hit X







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