Eli Roth and Eric Newman Reunite for PSYCHO KILLER

     November 2, 2010


Eli Roth and Eric Newman teamed up as the creators of this August’s The Last Exorcism, and are getting together once again to produce the suspense thriller Psycho Thriller. Gavin Polone (producer of Zombieland) is set to direct, while Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven) penned the script. If you’re interested from those names and the title of the film alone, wait until you hear the plot… after the jump.

eric_newman_eli_roth_imageAccording to Variety, the story centers on a serial killer who is travelling across the U.S., happily slaughtering away. Unfortunately for him, his fun comes to a halt when he screws with the wrong target. The killer decides to feed his sick fetish one night in Nebraska by killing a highway patrolman. Little does he know, the patrolman’s wife — who is also a police officer — witnesses the crime and decides to go after him. In the meantime, the psycho killer is planning his biggest feat yet: a mass murder…

Hmm, Fargo’s Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand) versus Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), perhaps? The film is staged for the audience to follow the events from the psycho killer’s perspective until things take a turn, bringing the wife’s point of view (and vengeful, seeking eyes) into the movie.

StudioCanal is backing the project, and the buzz around the office is that Psycho Killer will be a bigger production with even higher expected returns. Rumors are also circulating that a talented up-and-coming actress is in negotiations to play the lead role of the wife.

For now there seems to be a lot of excitement and confidence in the project — and with good reason. Psycho Killer is lookin’ mmm, mm good.

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