Jordan Vogt-Roberts Brings Battle Royale to Life in Live-Action ‘PUBG’ Trailer

     December 6, 2018


As evidenced by the fact that no great video game adaptations exist, translating the gaming experience to a narrative feature film is an incredibly tough task. Filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts is aiming to change that, and he’s taken a pretty significant step forward in the PS4 trailer for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG. The online multiplayer battle royale game was first released last December on Microsoft Windows and Xbox, but now PUBG is hitting PlayStation 4 tomorrow.

In anticipation of that release, Vogt-Roberts was enlisted to create a new trailer. So the Kong: Skull Island filmmaker brought in actors/friends Jason Mitchell and Nick Robinson to star in this action-packed and wildly exciting new trailer. It’s definitely not a traditional short film, but it’s not exactly a video game either. It somehow bridges that gap with pointed yet exaggerated performances and some impressive action photography, bringing the idea of battle royale gameplay to life in vivid fashion.

It’s impressive, and only makes me want to see Vogt-Roberts’ Metal Gear Solid movie even more. Check out the PUBG Playstation 4 trailer below. The film will be available on that console on December 7th.

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