Netflix’s ‘Punisher’ Series Starts Filming; Bearded Jon Bernthal Gets Back in Action

     October 4, 2016


At current count, we’ve been treated to two seasons of Marvel TV/Netflix’s Daredevil, a season of Jessica Jones, and a recent addition of Luke Cage, with the promise of Iron Fist coming in the spring. This has all been according to plan, a plan which sees the four heroes uniting in next year’s team-up series, The Defenders. What wasn’t originally part of the plan was a solo Punisher series, but Jon Bernthal‘s performance in Season 2 of Daredevil, and the fans’ reaction to it, made a standalone show a necessity.

Now, new set photos from the streets of New York City reveal that Bernthal has indeed stepped out as Frank Castle once again as the Punisher series commences filming. There’s not much to see at this point other than Bernthal’s bushy beard and stylish messenger bag, but just the fact that he’s back in action should be enough to pique your interest.


Image via Netflix

Netflix’s previous Marvel series’ seasons have been released fairly regularly over the last two calendar years with one in the spring followed by another in the fall. With Netflix setting Iron Fist for a March 17, 2017 debut, we’re probably looking at a fall 2017 debut for The Defenders. So where does The Punisher fit in?

Well, either Netflix is going to roll out a third series in 2017, with The Punisher possibly taking up a summer release date, or the streaming giant will push Bernthal’s solo debut to early 2018. That would be a pretty long time to wait considering that the series is filming now. And if Castle is to make any sort of appearance on The Defenders, it would make more sense to see him out on his own before that team-up takes place.

You can get a glimpse at Bernthal’s new look courtesy of Just Jared and their collection of set photos:

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