Exclusive Clip from Luis Prieto’s Remake of PUSHER

     October 26, 2012


Luis Prieto‘s remake of Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Pusher opens today in limited release, and we’re pleased to share an exclusive clip from the film.  I’ll say right now that while the clip isn’t necessarily a spoiler, it does come near the end of the movie, so considered yourself warned.

Hit the jump to check out the clip, and click here for my review of the movie.  The film also stars Richard Coyle, Agyness Denn, Bronson Webb, and Zlatko Buric.

Here’s the official synopsis for Pusher:

Based on the edgy and explosive series by visionary director Nicolas Winding Refn (DRIVE, BRONSON), a London drug dealer (Coyle) grows increasingly desperate over the course of a week after a botched deal leaves him with a large debt to a ruthless drug lord.



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