First Look at PUSS IN BOOTS’ Kitty Softpaws (Voiced by Salma Hayek)

     May 5, 2011


This year’s Cannes has a hilarious juxtaposition of acting roles when it comes to Antonio Banderas.  He’s starring in Pedro Almodovar’s creepy-looking The Skin That I Inhabit where he plays a plastic surgeon who avenges his daughter’s rape.  However, he’ll also be making the press rounds for DreamWorks Animation’s Puss in Boots, which is making a presentation at the festival.  If you’re a reporter covering both press events, don’t specify which movie you’re asking Banderas about and let the chips fall where they may.

In advance of the film’s presentation, the first image of Puss’ love interest Kitty Softpaws (voiced by Salma Hayek) has been released.  Kitty is a cat burglar who steals Puss’ boots and his heart.  Hit the jump for more details on the film and to check out the image.  Puss in Boots opens in 3D on November 4th.

Banderas tells USA Today (who also debuted the image below) that “At the beginning,” of Puss in Boots (which is an origin story since audiences must know where Puss came from), ” it is more of an homage to Sergio Leone spaghetti Westerns and takes place in present day. Then the film flashes back to an orphanage, where Puss in Boots starts a relationship with an … egg.”  The egg is actually Humpty Dumpty (voiced by Zach Galifianakis).

Puss in Boots will be the fifth film for Banderas and Hayek. Even though the two recorded almost all of their dialogue separately, Banderas requested a day where he and Hayek could record together and improvise.  “In Desperado, we improvised a lot,” says Banderas. “Salma and I have chemistry we could use in this movie, and we may get something very fresh out of it.”


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