Quentin Tarantino Summons Big Studios to Get First Glance at His Charles Manson Script

     October 28, 2017


In the aftermath of the allegations made against Harvey Weinstein over the last few weeks, many questions are coming to light. Most of them have to do with how Hollywood deals with allegations of sexual harassment and rape and if nothing else, this does seem to be a moment where more women and (to a far lesser extent) men feel secure in making their experiences with such traumatic personal events public. That is and should remain the main topic of conversation as these allegations continue to come out but there’s also the matter of how this will change the relationship between The Weinstein Company and the talents that it has fostered.


Image via The Weinstein Company

This brings us to the matter brought up this week at The Wrap, namely that of Quentin Tarantino, his relationship to Weinstein, and the future of his Charles Manson script. Tarantino made a public and convincingly sincere apology about not acting on crystal clear warning signs and has since severed ties with Weinstein. This is especially striking in that Tarantino was the main draw of The Weinstein Company and, before that, Miramax. TWC has put out a lot of masterpieces not directed by Tarantino, including The Butler, The Master, Carol, The Grandmaster, Fruitvale Station, and The Immigrant, but Tarantino and stylish Oscar bait like The King’s Speech is what has kept that place running.

For Tarantino, this means he’s shopping for a new home where he doesn’t have the legacy and sway he had at TWC, but that doesn’t seem to be humbling him much. According to The Wrap, Tarantino has been essentially summoning studio executives to his agent’s office to read copies of his Manson script, which is already one of the most anticipated and promising projects currently on the board. After reading the script, each studio — Warner Bros., Universal, and Paramount, most prominently — is welcome to make a bid for the theatrical right before a second round of bids pitched to Tarantino himself.


Image via Weinstein Company

This is an odd way to be going about such a process but you can’t exactly blame Tarantino. His early scripts and even unfinished screenplays are traded on the internet obsessively, and he had to change much of The Hateful Eight in the aftermath of an early draft being leaked online. He’s being careful about his projects now and one can only hope that his sensitivity continues to expand beyond how he sells his movies to include who he makes his movies with in the future.

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