Eli Roth Remembers Getting Tanked with Tarantino on ‘Death Proof’ in Exclusive ‘QT8’ Clip

     October 21, 2019

With. Quentin Tarantino’s celebrated (and controversial — it is Tarantino) ninth film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood this year, the filmmaker has dominated much of the cultural conversation in 2019. Whether people were debating the depiction of Sharon Tate, Bruce Lee, the Manson Family, or generally heaping acclaim on Tarantino’s love letter to the Hollywood of yore, the iconic filmmaker has been having quite the year. Which makes it the perfect time to look back on his resume of industry-shaking films with QT8: The First Eight, the new documentary from director Tara Wood that offers an in-depth look at Tarantino’s first eight movies with behind-the-scenes footage and a whole boatload of interviews.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Fathom events to bring ‘QT8: The First Eight,’ to Tarantino’s voracious fans throughout the country,” said director Tara Wood. “Quentin’s filmography is on its own incomparable level. His films inspire, provoke and challenge us individually and as a society to the utmost extremes, all stemming from his passion for people and continuous exploration of the human condition.”

The lineup includes a number of his former cast members and collaborators alongside industry experts and filmmaking contemporaries, including Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie FoxxKurt RussellChristoph Waltz, Jennifer Jason Lee, Lucy LiuDiane Kruger, Zoe Bell and more. The film hits theaters today thanks to the films at Fathom Events, and we’ve. got an exclusive sneak peek clip featuring Eli Roth.  The Hostel and Cabin Fever filmmaker appeared in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds and Death Proof.

On the subject of the latter film, we’ve got an exclusive clip from QT8 that finds Roth sharing one of his favorite stories from the set — the night (turned morning) that they shot the bar scene and got a little too method with the drinking. Check out the clip below and for more on the film head to the Fathom Events website.

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