Quibi’s ‘Memory Hole’ Clip Show Allegedly Plagiarized an Internet Show from 2014

     April 8, 2020


Quibi’s variety show Memory Hole, in which host Will Arnett reviews a series of cringe-worthy clips from Canadian pop culture of decades past, has been accused of plagiarizing an internet variety show created by the art collective Everything is Terrbile! in 2014. As reported by Slash Film, the collective took to Twitter to blast the Quibi series for ripping off the concept, title, and even the logo of their show, which showcased bizarre clips from obscure VHS tapes:

It’s been a rough start for Quibi this week – the streaming platform, which features “quick bite” episodes of programming that can only be viewed on your smartphone, saw about 300,000 downloads in its first day of release. Those are fine stats for a mobile app, but not encouraging numbers for a $1.75 billion streaming platform, although it is admittedly too early to tell how much interest the platform will generate as viewers begin to work through its content and word of mouth starts to spread. Meanwhile, none of the star-studded reality shows or “Movies In Chapters” featured as launch titles have made much of a splash yet, unlike Disney+’s The Mandalorian, which was an instant hit that immediately captured the zeitgeist and legitimized Disney’s streaming service as a contender.

Now, with a credible allegation of plagiarism on the freshman platform’s hands, Quibi might find itself fighting a difficult battle to win over its target audience – extremely online people who spend a lot of time on their phones. Neither Quibi nor Memory Hole’s creator Scott Vrooman have issued any official statements, but the show’s producers Shout Factory responded to Everything Is Terrible! on Twitter:

It’s important to note that the “arcade” graphics Shout Factory refers to are A) actually VHS graphics, and B) are the exact graphics featured in Everything is Terrible’s 13-year-old logo, so maybe take that response with an enormous grain of salt. For more on Quibi, check out our review of Survive, the platform’s dramatic thriller starring Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins.