Quibi Announced All 50 of Its Movies and TV Shows and Some of Them Are Genuinely Insane

     March 6, 2020

Quibi, the upcoming streaming service that aims to deliver entertainment in bite-sized portions, has announced all 50 titles that will launch with the platform on April 6. Folks, what we have here is what you could generously call an eclectic bag.

First things first: Quibi’s content is split into three categories. Movies In Chapters are feature-length stories “told in chapters that are 7 to 10 minutes in length.” Unscripted & Docs will cover “food, fashion, travel, animals, cars, builds, music, sports, comedy, talk, variety, documentary and more, all with episodes in 10 minutes or less.” Daily Essentials are shows “curated daily into 5-6 minute quick bites of news, entertainment and inspiration.”

A lot of the higher-profile projects are stocked with huge names and a few look intriguing, like Christoph Waltz essentially hunting Liam Hemsworth for sport in Most Dangerous Game or Sophie Turner battling the harsh wilderness with Corey Hawkins in Survive. The idea of a streaming service that also acts as a daily news source is also interesting. And then there are a few gems in that “Unscripted & Docs” section that, not to put too fine a point on it, look genuinely insane. For example: Murder House Flip, the renovation show that focuses only on houses that played host horrific murders. Or Dishmantled, in which hosts cannon-blast food directly into the faces of two blindfolded chefs, who then have to recreate that dish to the best of their abilities. I admit to being unreasonably excited for both Murder House Flip and Dishmantled.

Check out all 50 shows that will debut with Quibi below: