Watch: Skydivers Play Real-Life Quidditch in Mid-Air

     May 9, 2016


Now this is real-life quidditch. Muggles have tried to replicate the high-flying sport from Harry Potter by running around on the ground with broomsticks between their legs, but a group of skydivers took this game to a whole new level.

Video of the stunt was credited to a Colombian phone company Fandaticos and redistributed via news outlets like The International Business Times. Regardless of what it’s for, the mid-air quidditch match is pretty rad. Equipped with a quaffle, two bludgers, a snitch, and a hoop, two teams, one blue (presumably Ravenclaw?) and one orange (Gryffindor?), leapt from a plane while riding brooms. Even as they plummeted from thousands of feet in the air, these daredevils were not shy about trying to knock each other of their brooms.

Just so you realize, U.S. Quidditch was an organization established to govern nearly 200 quidditch teams around the world as they host nine major tournaments and supervise competition during the regular season. Of course, it takes the whole flying aspect of quidditch out of the game, so, clearly, they have to step up their game a bit.

Watch video of the mid-air match below.

The world of Harry Potter will return to the big screen with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, starring Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander. The film, which is planned as the start of a new series, will see the magizoologist during his travels to study the world’s fantastical creatures. While quidditch was a fan-favorite aspect of J.K. Rowling’s original books, it’s unclear if/how it’ll feature in the new film, though how could it not, amirite?

When Warner Bros. first trademarked Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts companion book, the studio also did so to Quidditch Through the Ages, which tracked the history of the sport in the wizarding world. While the WB stated it wasn’t necessarily for an impending project, hopefully this at least means fans haven’t seen the last of it on the silver screen.



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