Raaaaaaaandy Documentary Part 1 – FUNNY PEOPLE

     July 13, 2009


The funniest person I watched at the taping of “A Night of Funny People” was Aziz Ansari as Randy. The taping was for Judd Apatow’s new movie “Funny People” and over the course of four hours, I watched a lot of the stars do stand up. However, while everyone told a few funny jokes, Aziz was on another level. Everything he said and did had the audience in hysterics, and he was the guy everyone raved about when the night was over.

Universal and Judd Apatow clearly noticed what happened, because soon after, Aziz starting developing a “documentary” about his character and the first part is after the jump. But I warn those of you at work, this is not safe for an office. But if you can’t wait till you get home, I’d turn the volume down. You’ve been warned.

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