Rachel McAdams in Talks to Star Opposite Noomi Rapace in Brian De Palma’s PASSION

     December 14, 2011


Director Brian De Palma is assembling all the pieces to shoot Passion, his remake of the French thriller Love CrimeNoomi Rapace is set to play a young protege engaged in a tense cat-and-mouse game with her heartless boss.  According to Thompson on Hollywood, Rapace’s Sherlock Holmes 2 co-star Rachel McAdams is in talks to join the project, presumably as the executive (played by Kristin Scott Thomas in the original).  [Correction: McAdams is actually just one year older than Rapace, so I am not sure who will play which role.] Passion will take precedence over The Key Man, the paranoid thriller De Palma was prepping for a late 2011/early 2012 shoot.  Passion is scheduled to start shooting in Berlin in March with a $20 million production.  More after the jump.

De Palma is more than a decade removed from critical favor, but there is optimism in the film community surrounding Passion.  This is the kind of dark, twisted material that De Palma executes better than any other filmmaker when he’s in peak form.  The director said as much in the initial report:

“Not since Dressed to Kill have I had a chance to combine eroticism, suspense, mystery and murder into one spell-binding cinematic experience”

Rapace was excited about the project in our recent interview with the actress, calling De Palma’s screenplay “a really, really cool script.”

Here’s a synopsis courtesy of Fandango:

Christine (Scott-Thomas) is the head executive at a top agribusiness firm in France. Ruthless and uncompromising, she revels in playing diabolical head-games with her staffers that include blackmail and seduction, and enjoys an almost pathologically close relationship with protégé Isabelle (Ludivine Sagnier). The women also share a lover, accountant Philippe (Patrick Mille), who readily assumes a submissive role to the dominatrix posturing of each lady in the bedroom. The balance of power shifts, however, when a colleague (Guillaume Marquet) shows Isabelle how to “one-up” Christine in the office – which prompts Christine to respond with a nasty, humiliating trick involving a security camera. In the days ahead, retaliation escalates on both ends until each of the women begins contemplating felonious action against the other.


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