‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ Eyeing a Record-Breaking Thanksgiving Box Office

     November 22, 2018

ralph-breaks-the-internet-disney-princesses-sliceYou know you have something special on your hands when it breaks the world wide web and a few box office records along the way. Helped along by an $18.5 million Wednesday night, Disney Animation’s Wreck-It Ralph sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet is surfing its way toward $80 million+ over the five-day Thanksgiving weekend. According to Variety, some studios are expecting the animated film to land in the $90-$100 million range, possibly hitting ctrl-alt-del on Frozen‘s Thanksgiving weekend record of $93. 6 million.

The film—which sees John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman reprising their voice-over roles of arcade character Ralph and his pint-sized speed-racing sidekick Vanellope—earned a positively glowing A+ Cinemascore; Collider’s own Matt Golberg notes the film “breaks free from being just a bunch of Internet gags and becomes something far more rewarding.” (Check out the full review here.)

The only real competition Ralph faces comes, appropriately, from the hard-hitting Creed 2, director Steven Caple Jr.‘s sequel to Ryan Coogler‘s Creed. The boxing drama—which stars Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed, as in son of Apollo—took home a hefty $11.6 million Wednesday night and is tracking toward a $62 million Thanksgiving weekend, higher than expected. The key difference, of course, is Creed 2‘s adult-skewing dourness and drama up against the all-ages, Disney princess-stuffed affair that is Ralph Breaks the Internet. When the kids are off from school you want to take them to see cartoons breaking the internet, not Michael B. Jordan breaking a large Russian man’s face.

At the bottom of the Thanksgiving box office barrel lies fellow newcomer Robin Hood, aiming toward a $17 million opening on a $100 million-ish budget. Folks, the film is bad, but there is a chance, however small, that word of the fabulously un-medieval leather duster Ben Mendelsohn wears as the Sheriff of Nottingham might drive a few more people into theaters. Time will tell.

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