RAMBO V Goes Hunting in a New Direction and Leaves His Previous Plotline to Someone Else

     November 12, 2009


As we reported last September, Sylvester Stallone was ready and able to take his aging Vietnam vet John Rambo out for another mission.  The film would have Rambo fighting down some man-beast-abomination-type deal in a snowy terrain of some kind.  Now it appears that Rambo will find other ways to pass the time in between playing bridge and trying to ward off osteoporosis.  Hit the jump to see which group of people will be having a less-than-pleasant encounter with a man who will rain down their murder.

Explaining in an e-mail he wrote to StalloneZone (it’s like The Twilight Zone except you don’t adjust your channel because they’re having a 24-hour Over the Top marathon and it’s mesmerizing), Stallone said that while the man-beast-hunter thing was still happening, it wouldn’t be Rambo V but a movie with a different character and actor.  But fear not!  Rambo will find plenty of people to kill as the character will travel to a violent city where many young women have vanished.  It sounds like he’s basically taking his original plot (which he said was just a rumor) and re-setting it in some foreign country filled with people who aren’t white.  My hope for the ending is that after he’s done killing every last person in the city, he discovers it was just a really big magic trick and all the women are fine.


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