Dwayne Johnson Battles Gigantic Beasts in the First ‘Rampage’ Trailer

     November 16, 2017

rampage-dwayne-johnson-sliceWarner Bros. and New Line Cinema have released the first trailer for Rampage, Dwayne Johnson‘s latest action adventure film, reteaming him with his San Andreas director Brad Peyton. Inspired by the 1980s video game, Rampage stars Johnson as a primatologist who shares a close bond with George, a remarkably intelligent silverback gorilla, until a rogue genetic experiment transforms the ape into a gigantic, raging monster. Worse yet, there are even more of these genetically altered predators on the lose (including a 30-foot wolf), tearing across the continent, and Davis puts himself in the thick of the battle not only to save the day, but save the killer beast that used to be his best friend.

On the one hand, having Dwayne Johnson’s character want to save his gorilla friend adds a nice emotional undercurrent to a standard disaster pic. On the other hand, the only thing that seems to make this movie any different than San Andreas is that it features giant animals. The whole endeavor looks painfully generic, and it’s weird to see Johnson play it so safe when he has the clout to do more interesting things than what appears to be a forgettable video game adaptation. Hopefully the finished film is more interesting than this bland trailer and its cringeworthy use of “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”.

Rampage also stars Naomie HarrisMalin AkermanJake Lacy, Joe Manganiello and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as well as P.J. ByrneMarley Shelton, Breanne HillJack Quaid, and Matt Gerald. The film is slated to arrive in theaters April 20, 2018, watch the first trailer below.

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