Exclusive: First-Look ‘Rattlesnake’ Images Reveal New Netflix Horror Movie from the Director of ‘1922’

     September 13, 2019

Netflix just rolled out their fall genre film lineup for 2019, and one of the big titles on the roster is Rattlesnake, the new psychological horror movie from 1922 director Zak HilditchCarmen Ejogo stars as Katrina, a single mother driving cross country to start a new life with her daughter (Apollonia Pratt) when their car breaks down smack in the middle of nowhere and Clara gets bit by a rattlesnake. Desperate to save her daughter’s life, Katrina accepts the help of a mysterious woman who saves Clara’s life, but Katrina quickly learns nothing comes without a cost when she learns she has to kill a stranger in exchange for the life that was saved.

With his bleak and brutal Stephen King adaptation 1922, Hilditch established a unique horror tone that digs into the darkest corners of human psychology, madness, and the capacity for violence, which makes this story sound like a natural fit. Additionally, Ejogo is a fantastic actor and I can’t wait to see her get put through the emotional and ethical Olympics this story demands of her character.

Also starring Theo Rossi and Emma GreenwellRattlesnake drops on Netflix on October 25th. For mojre on Rattlesnake check out the official Netflix page and the Netflix and Chills horror section.


Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix

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