RAY DONOVAN Recap: “Fite Nite”

     September 8, 2013


As Ron Burgandy might say, Ray Donovan this week “escalated quickly.”  After weeks of slow build up regarding a number of things, they all came crashing to earth in “Fite Nite.”  The tables were turned on Ray, and we got an answer to the question about Mickey’s future.  Ray bringing in Sully was always going to be a mistake, but how exactly that would happen remained to be seen, until tonight.  “Fite Nite” narrowed its focus to just the Donovan family, and what might be their last night all together.  Hit the jump for more.

ray-donovan-fite-niteSo let’s get this straight: Sully tells Mickey it was Ray who paid him to dispose of him, and who ratted him out regarding the shooting of Colleen.  Despite the money he stole and the family he ratted out in prison, Sully hates Mickey most of all for killing his girlfriend Colleen, who he had a future planned with.  Except, she was really Ray’s girlfriend, and it wasn’t Mickey who killed her, but Sean Walker.  When this all comes to light, Sully kills Sean, and vows to go after Ray for covering it all up.

Elsewhere, Ezra’s money (from Ruth’s foundation, no less) to pay Sully off is gone for good, Mickey knows that Ray betrayed him, and Sully is on the loose.  One of the main juxtapositions of the show has always been Ray’s ability to fix everyone and every thing else except his own family.  He’s certainly tried, and “Fite Nite” was his biggest miscalculation to date.

Ray came up against Abby, Terry, Bunchy and even Darryl leading up to what he presumed to be the death of his father.  Each wondered where Mickey was, and seemed to think (but not want to fully believe) that Ray might have an idea about his absence.  Though Ray has spent every week since the beginning of the show piling up his hatred against Mickey — detailing every slight, and they are certainly legitimate — the idea of patricide has weighed heavily on him.  His behavior with Abby before and after the money drop was the best example, but even his run-ins with is brothers showed that he was uneasy, though ultimately convinced, by his decision.

ray-donovan-fite-nightWhat this means going forward regarding Mickey and Ray’s relationship is uncertain.  I would wager a guess that Mickey will help get rid of Sully to protect Ray’s family, for them if not for Ray.  That might put them back on equal footing.  The important thing though ultimately is that it seems Mickey isn’t going anywhere, which is a relief for a show that can be too enamored with its own darkness without him.

Episode Rating: B+

Musings and Miscellanea:

— I did like the epic Ray v Mickey in absentia part of this episode, but other than that it wasn’t a great one.

— Rosanna Arquette, you were such a wasted guest star.  Thanks for the memories!

— I want to give props to the commenter who pointed out that the priest Bunchy saw last week was indeed his attacker.  I had replied there was no way because that would be way too convenient that he would show up randomly in L.A. and that Bunchy would see him.  But, I was wrong!  I still think it’s a ridiculous plot device (hence part of my issue with this episode), and Bunchy’s reaction was not at all what I expected.

— Well, Ray wanted a baby, and looks like he got one thanks to Sully and Sean Walker.  I don’t think that baby is old enough to be traumatized for life by witnessing the killing, but some therapy 20 years down the road might bring it out.

— Abby admitting that she had corresponded with Mickey and invited him to L.A. was a surprise to no one.

— Daryll the “Black Irish” wins!

— “I’m a feminist!” – Mickey

— I would have liked more with the Southies adjusting to West Coast life.

— Can someone clue me in on why Ezra was paying out for Sully to kill Mickey?  And why did he have to take it from the foundation?  Is he not rich enough otherwise?

— His advice to Ray to not let Mickey poison his new life was right on.  Unfortunately, Ray was not hearing it.

— What if Ray Donovan teamed up with Olivia Pope from Scandal?  Two fixers … they could rule the world!