Watch the Season 3 Premieres of RAY DONOVAN, MASTERS OF SEX Early

     July 2, 2015


As Showtime has gotten in the habit of doing, the first episodes of Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex’s Season 3 premieres are now available on YouTube (and Showtime’s website). The breasts may be blurred and the language cleaned up, but you can certainly get an idea of where the series find our favorite characters.

In Ray Donovan’s great opener, Ray (Liev Schreiber) is adrift from his family and all those close to him, and suffers a big personal loss. And as he wrestles with his issues at home, he’s also introduced to a new and powerful client, Albert Finney (Ian McShane). You can check out the full premiere episode below:

Masters of Sex has (yet another) time jump to launch its third season, one which finds Bill (Michael Sheen) and Virginia (Lizzy Caplan) at odds over the work and their future, and also engaging in a strange Big Love-ish relationship with Bill’s wife Libby (Caitlin Fitzgerald). Check out the full premiere episode here:

Showtime’s new streaming platform will also be launching soon to accommodate these premieres (you can check out more information on that here). Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex premiere Sunday, July 12th starting at 9 p.m. ET, and keep an eye out for my reviews of both series’ first few episodes, posting next week.


Image via Showtime


Image via Showtime