LIMITED PAPER #4: RAYGUNS AND ROBOTS at the Ltd. Art Gallery, Peeks at Martin Ansin’s A DISTANT WINTER Lineup, and More Poster Awesomeness

     June 14, 2012


If you’re just joining us here at poster-enthusiast HQ, Limited Paper is an ongoing column keeping you up to date on all poster-related shenanigans from around the world (but mostly the States).  For the past few weeks, we’ve been running Limited Paper as a weekly column, a once-per-seven-days affair packed to the breaking point with pictures, poster drop news, speculation, and “Things Worth Getting Excited About”.  This week, we’re rolling out a new version of Limited Paper (yes, already), and what better way to ring in that new version than some extremely exciting RAYGUNS & ROBOTS news?  Not doing it for ya?  Then how about some new Martin Ansin posters?  Sound good?  Meet me after the jump.

Yesterday, we debuted our brand-new version of Limited Paper here, but if you happened to miss it, here’s what’s up:  whereas Limited Paper was once a weekly affair, we’ll now be bringing you all the poster news you can handle on a far more frequent basis.  Say, three or four times per week, or however often new poster news arises.  Apparently, we picked a good week to break Limited Paper into this format, because the news has not stopped flooding in since Monday rolled around.

Today, we’ve got two big scoops for you.  First up: as we speak, the Ltd Art Gallery is gearing up for its big Rayguns & Robots show, and in case you missed the announcement, here’s what the Gallery’s saying about the show:

Ltd. Art Gallery, with special guest curator Chris Jackson, bring together 40 top artists to pay tribute to the nostalgic world of classic science fiction.  Come back to a time when space travel, aliens, and robots captured the imagination of the world.

Pretty snazzy, and pretty damn exciting:  who doesn’t want more robots hanging on their walls (OK, fine, the crew of the Prometheus notwithstanding)?  The lineup for artists is pretty solid, too.  Here, check out some of these names:

Jonathan Bergeron, Lorelay Bove, Neysa Bove, Chris Brett, Mike Capp, Mark Covell, Serban Cristescu, Shawn Dickinson, Joshua Ellingson, Michael Flemming, Matthew Forsythe, Ken Garduno, Kim Gordon, Christiphoer Guitierrez, Justin Hillgrove, Samule Ho “Sho”, Jane Kenoyer, Ken Keirns, Darren Legallo, Patrick Maxcy, Jeff McMillan, Mikeatron, Melissa Monosmith, Tomi Monstre, Naomi Nowak, Augie Pagan, Tyler Parker, Devi Pellerin, Chet Phillips, Tristan Reidford, Eric Richardson, Wade Schin, Clarke Snyder, Nathan Spoor, Andrew Taylor, Mark Walker, Jayson Weidel, N.C. Winters, Wednesday Wolf, Chandler Wood

Now, unless you’re a hardcore collector, the majority of those names probably aren’t jumping out at you, but we were able to get the Ltd Art Gallery to shoot over a slew of pictures from the show’s lineup, and the pictures below prove that a shortage of “instant name-recognition” doesn’t mean that the show itself isn’t going to be amazing.  Just look at these:


“Captain Qwendolth Blazar and the thing from Beyond” by Tyler Parker
Giclee on print on paper 11″ x 14″, 20 piece edition, $45


“Futuristic Retro Robot” by Mike Capp
Original Oil on Canvas 8″ x 10″, $250

“60s Slingers” by Jason Weidel
Giclee print on paper 12″ x 16″, 20 piece edition, $30

“Last Defense” by Serban Cristescu

“Man Melter” by Jane Kenoyer

“MST3k Attacks” by Chet Phillips
Giclee print 11 x 14, 10 piece edition, $25

“Captain Mono-o-tron 5000” by Chet Phillips
Giclee print 11 x 14, 10 piece edition, $25

“Milking the Morlock for future generation’s voyage beyond the sun” by Jeff McMillan
Original Acrylic on Paper 9.5″ x 12.5″, $1200

“Terrore Nello Spazio (aka Planet of the Vampires” by Michael Fleming
Giclee Print on Paper 11″ x 14″, 25 piece edition, $30

ET by Patrick Maxcy

“Three Laws” by Samuel Ho “Show”
Giclee Print on Paper 13″ x 28.5″, Limited Edition, $45

Blue Robot by Wednesday Wolf

“Alchemy” by Darren Le Gallo

“Misplacement” by Ken Garduno
Original Gouache on paper 5.5″ x 8″, $300

Whew.  That’s a damn impressive lineup, and—I dunno about you—but I’d be thrilled to have a whole bunch of those on my walls (assuming I could find the space, of course).  The show opens at the Ltd Art Gallery (check out their website for directions, but be aware that the Gallery’s located in Seattle, WA) at 7pm on June 16th and runs all the way through July 22nd, so you’ve got plenty of time to get your ass up to Seattle (or to browbeat a Poster-Buddy into making the trek on your behalf).

Friendly reminder:  the Ltd Art Gallery’s the same crew responsible for that awesome—and now sold out, sadly– Mother of Dragons print based on Game of Thrones, and if you haven’t seen that, well, you’re missing out:

Next up:  more sneak-peeks at the Phone Booth Gallery’s upcoming A Distant Winter show have leaked out, and this time we’ve been given our best look yet at the work being produced by collector-favorite Martin Ansin (along with some new behind-the-scenes pics from Ken Taylor).   In case you’re just joining us, A Distant Winter is an entire gallery show based on…well, here, let’s let the Phone Booth Gallery tell you what it’s about:

“A Distant Winter” opens in the heat of summer, the season that makes SoCal feel murkiest and most stifling. But the exhibition conjures up images of frigid terrains, risk-taking and adventure. Melbourne-based artist Ken Taylor, a prolific illustrator and designer, makes exquisitely detailed, bold fantasy and merges his interest in the otherworldly with his interest in nature. Flora and fauna appear in his renderings of stoic heroines, who look like mythic beings from a fantastic future.

Martin Ansin’s smart graphics, which have recently appeared in Rolling Stone, The New Yorker and elsewhere, collapse whole stories into single, simple and striking scenes. For this show, he muses about Alaskan wilderness through a triptych in which red billowing flags and futuristic vehicles interrupt an expanse of wintery white ground. Figures in heavy red and white uniforms prepare to launch their sleek machines.

Rich Kelly, whose highly stylized, comic comments on pop culture often appear in posters for bands like Flight of the Concords or the Hold Steady, considers iconic adventurers, particularly Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. The two men were the first to set foot conclusively on the peak of Mount Everest. Despite constant public debate over which of the two was really first to the top and a few public disagreements over what actually happened in the last leg of the climb, Hillary and Norgay remained friends for life.

Thus, “A Distant Winter” weaves together multiple ideas of distance, closeness and coldness. Factual circumstances coexist with imaginary ones and the careful artistry of Taylor, Ansin and Kelly is as cool as any expanses of white snow could ever be..

All of that said, let’s take a look at some of the sneak-peeks that leaked out over the past few days.  The first batch of photos—the one featuring the dolled-up chick that looks a lot like Big Trouble in Little China’s Gracie (it isn’t)—comes from Australia’s most kick-ass exporter of amazing screenprints, Ken Taylor.  The piece below that—with what looks like Star Wars clonetroopers on their way to a snowboarding retreat– comes to us from Martin Ansin.  Here they are:

That does it for now, folks, but you should absolutely stick around:  we’re going to have much, much more Limited Paper for you in the future (some of it in a matter of hours).   Keep your eyes peeled for more awesome poster-related stuff in the near future, including:  an interview with the only man in the world who can restore your posters to greatness after they’ve been ripped to shreds (hint: it’s Poster Mountain’s John Davis), a behind-the-scenes look at a commissioned piece being put together one step at a time (hint: it’s mine, and it’s based on the most underappreciated 80’s comedy of all time), and—on the slightly-more-distant horizon– some extremely special San Diego Comic Con reportage and some extremely exciting news regarding Mondo Mystery Movie 10, happening on July 5th (!!!).

Limited Paper’s gonna keep you covered every step of the way, folks, so stay tuned to…frequently.

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