New ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer Further Reveals Spielberg’s Return to Blockbuster Filmmaking

     December 10, 2017


A new trailer has been released for Ready Player One, which further reveals Steven Spielberg‘s highly-anticipated sci-fi adaptation. The film follows Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), who joins a worldwide contest to find an actual Easter egg hidden in the OASIS by its creator, so that after his death a worthy person would take control of this expansive virtual world. But of course, there’s a nefarious organization ready to swoop in and find it themselves so they can monetize it all and keep it only for wealthy customers. Wade then teams up with other “gunters” to find the Easter egg — for freedom!

This trailer delves deeper into the plot of the film, revealing much more of both the OASIS world and the real world. The relatively muted color palette is a surprising choice, and while it looks as though the film could be getting a big cheesy when it comes to Wade’s journey, it’s hard not to give Spielberg the benefit of the doubt here. Moreover, the prospect of seeing a filmmaker of his caliber really letting loose with a sprawling, CG-created motion-capture environment—especially in the wake of Tintin—is incredibly exciting.

Check out the new Ready Player One trailer below followed by a Q&A with Ready Player One author and screenplay co-writer Ernie Cline. The film also stars Olivia CookeBen MendelsohnT.J. Miller, Simon Pegg and Mark Rylance, and opens in theaters on March 30, 2018. Check out the new trailer below:

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