REAL GENIUS Headed to TV, Half Hour Series to be Produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison

     September 24, 2014


I’m probably too close to Real Genius to make an objective call as to whether it’s a great movie or not, but damn do I love it.  I often used to consider Val Kilmer‘s carefree but brilliant Chris Knight my spirit animal until I realized I was neither brilliant or carefree.  Martha Coolidge‘s 1985 comedy also gave us the great characters of Lazlo (played by Jon Gries), Jordan (Michelle Meyrink) and even Mitch Taylor (Gabriel Jarret) not to mention two all-timer douchebag villains in William Atherton‘s Jerry Hathaway and Robert Prescott‘s Kent.

I’m itching to watch that movie even as I type this.  Will Adam Sandler‘s Happy Madison, Sony TV, 3 Arts and NBC be able to recapture that excitement?  Hard to tell so far, but they’re going to have to try because they’re making Real Genius as a half-hour comedy.  Hit the jump for more on the Real Genius TV Show.

Per Deadline the show will be a single-camera workplace comedy and will be written by Craig DiGregorio and David King.  The show is said to maintain the dynamic established between Kilmer and Jarret in the film, though there’s no word on if the characters will actually share the same names (I’m betting they keep Knight and ditch Mitch).  Happy Madison’s Doug Robinson and 3 Arts’ Oly Obst are producing.

But can they do this?

Real Genius TV Show