REAPER Season 2 DVD Review

     August 4, 2009


“Reaper” is hands down one of the funniest shows on television.  The cast is fantastic, the writing is really sharp and entertaining, pretty much everything about this show works.  Coming into its sophomore year, which can make or break some shows, has proven that Sam and the boys are even better the second time around.  You may have missed this show because it’s hidden amongst a lot of garbage on The CW, in fact I would venture to say that it’s the only show with personality and charm on the entire network, the rest of the programming seems to focus on vacuous pretty people in remakes of shitty 90’s shows (Melrose Place anyone?).  After the jump is my review:

reaper_season_two_dvd_cover.jpgThe premise of the show is that our hero, Sam (played by Brett Harrison), found out on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to the Devil (played with brilliant malicious charm by Ray Wise) and now the Devil is coming to collect and Sam has to do his bidding.  And what job does the Devil assign?  Sam is now a bounty hunter that has to go around collecting escaped souls with various goofy weapons, like a cattle prod, in some incredibly bizarre ways.  Never fear because Sam is not alone, he’s got his two buddies (the comedic center of the show) Sock and Ben, played by Tyler Labine and Rick Gonzalez respectively.  Then there’s Sam’s love interest Andi (played by the tom-boyishly super attractive Missy Peregrym) who is having problems coping with having a boyfriend that has the dangerous job of fighting demons.  This show plays out like a funnier buddy comedy version of “Buffy” but with demons instead of vampires.

This season sets up some major conflict and then lets the characters follow their own arcs with the backdrop of demon hunting in each show.  Will Andi and Sam be able to have a stable relationship if it turns out Sam is actually the son of Satan?  Will Sock ever have sex with his hot Asian stepsister?  Will Sam find a way to get out of his deal with the Devil and become a normal dude again? Will Ben tell the others he’s dating a Demon?  Will the Devil ever give Sam a break?  Can this show get any funnier? That’s one question I can answer and that is nope, it’s pretty fricking awesome!!  Sock has some hilariously awkward scenes with his hot stepsister that he really wants to have sex with, while she is just super excited to be the best sister ever, comedy gold right here.  Sam fights Mongols, scary pit fighters, boxers, tentacled beasts, the baddies come out of the wood-work this season and Sam and the boys even have a little “Three Men and a Baby” moment when a soul leaves a baby behind and they have to figure out what to do with it.

Sock and the Devil are my two favorite characters; although everyone does a great job on the show, these two really get to shine.  Tyler Labine has impeccable comedic timing and plays Sock, the loveable loser with a great sharp, sarcastic edge.  And Ray Wise as the Devil is perfect, his mix of charm and danger is ideal and makes it really believable that the “Prince of Darkness” could just be a really mischievous dude in a suit, and P.S. it looks like a lot of fun to be the Devil.  Sam, Ben, and Andi are great too and all have great chemistry that as an audience we buy into their relationships and their conflicts, no matter how heightened the circumstances get.

reaper_cw_network_image__1_.jpgThis is a top-notch show all around and if you haven’t ventured to watch it because you avoid The CW like the plague, give this show a chance you won’t regret it.

Special Features:

  • “The Devil Made Me Do It”- The Making of Reaper- pretty self-explanatory
  • Gag Reel- hilarious, but I’m a sucker for gag reels
  • Deleted Scenes- some funny stuff here too



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