Rebecca Hall Joins Will Ferrell in EVERYTHING MUST GO

     March 21, 2010

Rebecca Hall image (1).jpgRebecca Hall (Vicki Christina Barcelona) has now joined the cast of the indie drama Everything Must Go. Variety is reporting that she will join Will Ferrell, who signed on to the film last year.  The movie is based on a short story by Raymond Carver and follows a relapsed alcoholic (Ferrell) who begins living on his lawn after he loses his job and wife. Hall will reportedly play a neighbor who is new to the neighborhood and forms a special connection with Ferrell’s character.

The movie is the feature directorial debut of Dan Rush, who has done mostly commercials, and it’s also his first screenplay. It’s being produced by Temple Hill Entertainment who have previously been behind Dear John and the recent Twilight sequels. Hall sounds like a good addition to the cast. Her performance in Vicki Christina Barcelona was incredibly good, but simply didn’t get the buzz that Penélope Cruz‘s did. It’s great to see that she’s settling into some more work.

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