August 19, 2011


Actress Rebel Wilson, who was great in Bridesmaids as Kristin Wiig’s roommate, has landed a trio of gigs in the wake of the female-driven comedy’s wild success. THR reports that Wilson has joined the all-star indie comedy Bachelorette, which Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are producing. The film centers on three best friends who are invited to the wedding of a girl they called “Pigface” in high school. Wilson replaces Casey Wilson in the “Pigface” role after scheduling issues forced the latter out. The cast includes Isla Fischer, Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan as the three girls, as well as scene-stealer Adam Scott. Bachelorette is currently shooting in New York.

Additionally, Wilson is the first person cast in Avenue Q director Jason Moore’s adaptation of the nonfiction book Pitch Perfect. She’ll play a member of a female a capella group named Fat Amy who goes head-to-head against a counterpart from a rival a capella goup (sing-fighting!). Filming is set to get underway this fall in New Orleans. Finally, Wilson is the latest to join the insanely large voice-cast of Ice Age: Continental Drift. The film opens July 13, 2012. Hit the jump for a synopsis of Pitch Perfect.

pitch-perfect-book-coverHere’s the synopsis for Pitch Perfect by Mickey Rapkin:

According to GQ senior editor Rapkin, today’s lively collegiate a cappella groups boast hip-hop repertory, professional vocal arrangements, competitions at Lincoln Center and a world shrunk by the Internet. During the 2006–2007 college season, Rapkin, an alum of a Cornell all-male singing club, followed three a cappella powerhouses: Divisi, an all-girl group from the University of Oregon, the testosterone-driven Hullabahoos of the University of Virginia, and Beelzebubs, from Tufts. Each is a collective with a score to settle, a tradition to honor. Robbed of a championship in 2005, Divisi wants payback; the Hullabahoos want respect without forfeiting their frat-boy charm; and the controversial Bubs want to hone their edge. Throughout, Rapkin engages with celebrity trivia (Heroes‘ Masi Oka sang a cappella at Brown) and music criticism. He profiles the cottage recording industry built from college a cappella. Most notably, he riffs through signature events and crisis moments with a snarky humor (onstage Divisi looks like the women in that Robert Palmer video) that turns each chapter into a picaresque progression toward graduation. [Amazon]

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