Watch: ‘Rectify’ Cast and Creator Tease the Exceptional Series’ Final Episodes

     October 10, 2016


If you’re reading this article, then you’re likely already a fan of SundanceTV’s engrossing drama series Rectify. If you’re simply curious, then I encourage you to get thee to Netflix, where the first seasons are available to stream. The fictional story follows a man released from Georgia’s Death Row after 19 years because of a DNA technicality. But did he actually commit the rape and murder he was convicted of, or was he the victim of small-town politics and a DA desperate to put someone behind bars?

Rectify is a deeply meditative series that studies the nuances of Daniel Holden’s (Aden Young) life, as he re-enters the world after almost two decades of solitary confinement that began when he was still a teenager. Already a somewhat strange and highly sensitive person, Daniel was profoundly impacted by the years he was put away, to the point of not being sure what life even means to him at this point. His family is thrilled he’s home, but they struggle to connect after so much has changed.

Season 4 finds Daniel having to confront the idea that he has to choose whether or not he believes he deserves a life, regardless of what happened in his past (a truth he cannot seem to remember, and the show has strongly hinted at another person being responsible for the crime). But Season 4 also takes a long look at Daniel’s family, and how they are coping with their lives in the wake of him moving to Nashville (a requirement of a plea bargin). In the video below, the cast — including Young, Abigail Spencer, Clayne Crawford, and others — and creator Ray McKinnon catch us up before Season 4 begins, and hit at what is to come:

Having seen the first two episodes of the final season, I can confirm that the series is just as wonderfully nuanced as ever, with the first hour focusing solely on Daniel and his transition in Nashville. The second hour fills us in on the lives of the Talbots, and seeing everyone again is like one’s own family. I cannot tell you how much I will miss this series when it’s gone. Few shows not only understand the South, but just the rich inner lives of regular people in such a beautifully true way. And while it’s slow-burn storytelling (the first four seasons cover a period of just a few months), the layered nature of the characters, and how well we are able to get to know them in their highest and lowest moments, makes for must-see television.

Rectify returns for Season 4 — the last episodes! — Wednesday, October 26th at 10 p.m. on SundanceTV.