New Release Dates for RED DAWN, PIXELS and Roland Emmerich’s SINGULARITY

     November 23, 2011

We’ve got some new release dates to share with you today:

  • The Red Dawn remake will finally open on November 2nd, 2012.
  • The feature film version of Pixels, based on the short, is slated for May 17th, 2013.
  • Roland Emmerich‘s sci-fi pic Singularity has been pushed back to November 1st, 2013.

Hit the jump for more info on the films, and to watch the short film version of Pixels.

red-dawn-remake-cast-image-01Back in September, we reported that the Red Dawn remake by stuntman-turned-director Dan Bradley had secured distribution under FilmDistrict, and now we have a firm release date (courtesy of Box Office Mojo). The reboot of the 1984 original stars Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas and Josh Hutcherson as your everyday, average teenagers who must repel the invading forces of North Korea to defend their hometown. Pixels, the feature film written by screenwriter Tim Herlihy (Bedtime Stories) now has a set debut. The Columbia Pictures/Happy Madison project is based on a popular short film. Finally, Roland Emmerich had recently delayed the start of his new project Singularity to work on its script. As such, its release date has been pushed back from May 2013 to November.

roland_emmerich_01Herlihy is a good match with the Happy Madison production company, considering that Adam Sandler has starred in nine feature films credited to Herlihy. It will be interesting to see where he takes the idea that the short film started. Directed by Patrick Jean, it featured video game characters wreaking havoc on New York City and turning everything into pixels.

Singularity is a sci-fi tale about a young man named Adam, whose body is composed of a swarm of nanobots that grant him amazing abilities. Emmerich, known for his epic disaster movies, is revisiting the script he co-wrote with Harald Kloser. As Singularity takes place 40 years in the future and hinges upon technology so advanced it might bring about the downfall of civilization, the team has brought in Ray Kurzweil, a futurist and specialist on AI, to consult. A recent screen test for the role of Adam took place earlier this month, but no casting decisions have been reported as of yet. The project was slated to start production in March, but will undoubtedly be pushed back now. Check out the rest of our Singularity updates here.

Here’s the short film Pixels:


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