New ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Trailer: Take a Bath, Rob a Bank, See a Show!

     October 1, 2018


Rockstar Games has been hyping Red Dead Redemption 2 as the most ambitious open-world game yet, and honestly, I believe them. The latest gameplay trailer showcases an incredible number of options that each individual gamer can choose as Arthur, so even though you are limited to one character to play, it’s clear that you can customize him through a myriad of choices that will make exploring this world one worth doing over and over again.

Some of those options include things as mundane (yet unusual in a game) as shaving and bathing — or not! — as well as choosing what food you eat. On the flip side, there are opportunities for big heists, including bank robberies, as well as smaller jobs like holding up a stagecoach. And though it seems like it might be impossible to be a white hat, you can still make Arthur a compassionate outlaw, if you so choose.

The footage below is all captured entirely from in-game play, and it looks absolutely astonishing. With the announcement and an example here of first-person mode, there continue to be more surprises about how the game will handle including an in-depth look at how the Dead Eye system works now. And story-wise, you can go from killing members of a rival gang (and it is brutal) to taking in a show. It’s mind-boggling. But it also all has consequences, as character react to (and remember) your choices throughout.

Check out the new gameplay trailer below, and let us know what has you the most excited; Red Dead Redemption 2 will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26, 2018.

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