RED KNOT Trailer With Olivia Thirlby and Vincent Kartheiser; Film Finally Set For Release Next Month

     November 21, 2014


More Olivia Thirlby is always a good thing.  She’s one of our best actresses and we need a lot more of her on the silver, and smaller, screen. Same with Vincent Kartheiser, who we don’t see enough outside of weasel roles (Mad Men) or villainous archetypes (In Time), both of which he plays rather well.  He’s not completely out of those woods in this Red Knot trailer, but perhaps the circumstances in the film will add a few layers of nuance to his eternally wandering eye.  The film was shot by director Scott Cohen over five years ago, but is now being readied for release.  And it looks gorgeous.

Hit the jump for the Red Knot trailer and a few words from Thirlby on the movie’s production.  The film also stars Billy Campbell and opens at IFC in New York on December 5th.

Trailer courtesy of the Red Knot official site:

Here’s what Thirlby told us about the film a few years back:

“Red Knot is a film that I shot in Antarctica almost three years ago on a boat.  It was a film that was improvised and it had very interesting circumstances while making the film, obviously.  We were on a small boat bobbing around in Antarctica.  It was a really remarkable experience.  The filmmaker, his name is Scott Cohen, has taken several years to craft the footage that we shot into the film that it is now.  But it seems that it is finally coming together and I am very excited about it.  It is a very small non-narrative drama about a young married couple going through problems in their marriage and it takes place on a boat in Antarctica, which is kind of remarkable.”


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