Cillian Murphy Cast in Rodrigo Cortes’ RED LIGHTS

     November 3, 2010


Cillian Murphy (Red Eye) has signed on to star in Rodrigo Cortes’ upcoming Red Lights. The film, also set to star Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver, centers on a psychologist (Weaver) whose studies in the paranormal lead her to investigate a renowned psychic (De Niro). Red Lights will be Cortes’ follow up to his Sundance breakout hit man-in-a-box film Buried.

As an advocate for the “Cillian Murphy must play every creepy role that Billy Drago passes on” film movement, this news from Shock Till You Drop is probably good. I use the rather cautious term “probably” because I have no clue whom Murphy will be playing in the film; but considering the movie revolves around the paranormal/supernatural, there’s a good chance Murphy will be creeping our cinemas once again after triumphantly doing so in those Batman films, that Wes Craven film on a plane, and of course The Wind That Shakes The Barley. It’s also good to see an Irish actor whose name isn’t Gabriel Byrne get work.

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