Reese Witherspoon says Cameron Crowe’s Next Film has Been Postponed

     December 11, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

A few days ago I attended the long lead press day for DreamWorks upcoming animated movie “Monsters vs. Aliens”. In the coming week I’ll have interviews with almost the entire cast, but I found out some new info on Cameron’s Crowe and James L. Brooks’ next movies and I figured it was worth posting immediately.

Near the end of the press conference with Reese, I asked her how accurate it was that she was in Cameron Crowe’s next film. Unfortunately, she says “that film has been postponed, so I’m actually in James L. Brooks’ next movie so we’re going to start that in the Spring.”

And just like I always do…I continued asking questions.

Collider: Can you tell us about that?

Reese: I’m sworn to secrecy.

Collider: Do you have a favorite James L. Brooks’ movie?

Reese: Oh my gosh, that’s hard. It would have to be Terms of Endearment or Broadcast News. But, I’m probably going to lean towards Broadcast News because I’m a big Holly Hunter fan. She’s from Conyers, Georgia. She’s a Southern girl.

Collider: When he approaches you for a project, how much do you look at the script or how much do you just trust him?

Reese: You just nod and say ‘yes. I don’t know how I got so lucky but okay, whatever you want to write, whatever…yes’. He approached me a few years ago and said ‘I’m thinking about writing this thing and I was wondering if you would want to be in it’ and I was like ‘yes!’, I would love that. That would be so great’. Yeah, it’s been wonderful.

So while the news isn’t good on Cameron Crowe, at least this confirms James L. Brooks has a new project and it’s getting ready to go.

Again, look for the full interview with Reese next week.

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