‘Rememory’ Trailer: Peter Dinklage Solves a Murder in Sci-Fi Thriller

     August 14, 2017


Lionsgate Premiere has released the first Rememory trailer online. Directed by Mark Palansky (Penelope), the film revolves around the mysterious death of a scientific pioneer who creates technology that allows you to extract memories and watch them on an external device. Peter Dinklage plays a mysterious man (lotta mystery in this one) who shows up and sets about trying to solve the murder using this memory machine, which allows him to watch memories from other people. As the investigation continues, a web of intrigue and deceit is uncovered.

This movie looks pretty interesting, and Palansky is a curious filmmaker. Penelope is a vibrant, refreshing film and he’s recently been working on Netflix’s colorful A Series of Unfortunate Events, but Rememory is more hard-edged sci-fi and thus offers a different kind of palate to play on. Dinklage is obviously a terrific actor, and it’s nice to see him in a lead role here.

Check out the Rememory trailer below. The film also stars Julia Ormond, Martin Donovan, Anton Yelchin, Henry Ian Cusick, and Evelyne Brochu. Rememory will premiere first on Google Play on August 24th, where it’ll be free for a limited time. It hits theaters on September 8th.

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