Report on ABC’s New Show FLASH FORWARD From Comic-Con

     July 25, 2009

Flash Forward ABC TV show image (4).jpg

Flash Forward, the new sci-fi show for ABC, premiered the opening fifteen minutes at Comic Con, and the cast and crew were there to talk about it.

Produced and co-written by David S. Goyer (of Batman Begins fame) and Marc Guggenheim (writer for Marvel Comics and the upcoming Green Lantern movie) the show is a science fiction story about what happens when everyone in the world suddenly blacks out and has visions of events six months in their future. It stars Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, and Dominic Monaghan. Read a description of the footage, plus the thoughts of the creators, after the jump.

Flash Forward ABC TV show image (2).jpgLike the opening of Lost, Flash Forward begins with a character awakening amongst chaos and confusion – car crashes and burning buildings in downtown LA – and then flashes back to hours prior. Multiple characters are introduced – doctors, cops, young lovers – who carry on their separate lives until, all at the same time, they collapse unconscious.

The scene shown focused on two FBI agents, played by Joseph Fiennes and John Cho, who, while in the middle of a car chase, suddenly black out. What follows is a blurry dream-like sequence – flashes of Fiennes following clues, scribbling down names – and then he awakens to find himself in his crashed car. The special effects here are impressive – a wide shot from the 101 overpass reveals a freeway of stopped cars, flaming skyscrapers, and clouds of smoke. Shortly after, a helicopter crashes into a building and tumbles down the side. The two agents react to the chaos, initially thinking it was a terrorist attack, until see a breaking news story on a storefront TV and realize that whatever it was that just happened, was on a global scale.

Flash Forward ABC TV show image (1).jpgThe footage ended there, and the panel continued by introducing the cast and letting the creators speak about the show. David S. Goyer explained that the series has a master plan – they knew how it will end and what will happen before they started writing. As the series progresses, it will lead closer to the day in the future that the world had visions of, while laying clues as to what caused the event.  The tightly planned format allows for many easter eggs to appear in each episode, including the fifteen minutes of footage that was screened. It also allows for multiple characters, and their separate storylines, some of which will be funny, some romantic. But the main thrust of the show being Fiennes and his own vision which will hold the key to what happened.

The panel ended with the surprise announcement and appearance of Dominic Monaghan, who plays a cop. Another Lost veteran appearing in the show is Sonya Walger, who fans know as Penny Widmore. The similarities to Lost are strong – ABC may have another hit science fiction series.