RESIDENT EVIL Series Snags a Reboot…Sorta

     September 8, 2009

Resident Evil movie image - slice.jpg

While fans–what few are left–gear up for Screen Gems’ fourth “Resident Evil” film, only very loosely based on a little known video game series of the same title, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that they have confirmed news that a reboot of the series is in the works. Of course, fans of the games will want to know: Will this new series will be faithful to the original? The answer to that, and more, after the jump.

Resident Evil movie image (2).jpgNo. At least, probably not. If Bloody Disgusting is to be believed, it looks like Screen Gems’ reboot, currently titled “Resident Evil Begins,” will take us back to Raccoon City and retell the original all over again. That is, military unit infiltrates a mansion/laboratory controlled by a supercomputer and infested with the undead.

Having seen the original (fairly) recently, I will say that it does look a little dated, especially in the CG department, and could use an update. But this is no reason to copy it exactly. That’s a remake, not a reboot.

Hopefully this was just speculation on BD’s part. I mean, we’ve seen Alice’s story, and we’ve played Chris’s. Is it so much to ask for something new? Truthfully I, for one, wouldn’t mind watching Chris Redfield on the big screen gutting gigantic snakes and rifling overgrown flies. Lord knows the lovely in-game acting could use an update. What do you think?

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