‘Resident Evil: Vendetta’ Blu-ray Bonus Features Dive Deep into the Capcom Creation

     July 18, 2017


Now available on Blu-ray is Resident Evil: Vendetta, the latest CG-animated action-horror flick based on the smash-hit Capcom survival game franchise. The new release from director Takanori Tsujimoto follows fan-favorite heroes Chris Redfield (Kevin Dorman) and Leon S. Kennedy (Matthew Mercer) as they team up with Dr. Rebecca Chambers (Erin Cahill) to take down the vengeful villain Glenn Arias (John DeMita) before his deadly virus can turn New York City into a war zone. It’s a crazy, action-packed ride that pays homage to the games while also offering up a thrilling adventure for audiences coming into it cold.

You can find my review of the film in the links below along with interviews from the cast and crew. If you’re already sold on the film or caught it on digital or even in theaters, you might be wondering what the Blu-ray has in store for you; you’ll find more below. To be clear, the following review is of the movie’s 2-Disc Blu-ray edition, but Resident Evil: Vendetta is available on 3-Disc 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD as well; the 4K version includes Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for the a/v auteurs out there.


Image via Capcom, Marza Animation Planet

The feature itself includes an optional commentary track (in Japanese audio with English subtitles) from director Takanori Tsujimoto (Bushido Man), executive producer Takashi Shimizu (Ju-on: The Grudge), and writer Makoto Fukami (Psycho-Pass). There are some real gems to be found here as the trio reveals the nuts and bolts of the production from three different angles and reveal bits of trivia like the fact that they toyed with the idea of showing Leon’s childhood but didn’t want to mess with the continuity of the games or the character. It’s a nice peek behind the filmmaking curtain.

Bonus Features:


  • The Creature – Get a look at the making of the film’s villain in his epic final form. This 20-minute featurette takes the character from concept to final execution and reveals all the steps in between. There’s a cool walkthrough of the rooftop battle and a description of how they dealt with size discrepancies of characters.
  • CGI to Reality: Designing Vendetta – Did you know that the animation team sent their CG model of Leon’s Ducati XDiavel to the manufacturer to get input? How about the fact that the rooftop was actually too short to allow for Leon’s epic driving skills? Find more bits of trivia in this super-fun section.
  • Motion Capture Set Tour with Dante Carver – Check out an extra special behind-the-scenes look that visits the motion-capture studio for one of the film’s final scenes. Carver, a mo-cap performer himself, interviews the director as well as mo-cap performers Reuben Langdon, who has captured Chris Redfield’s physical performance for 20 years, and Jason Faunt of Power Rangers fame.

Gallery: Take a look at some cool concept art and set design artwork here.


Image via Capcom, Marza Animation Planet, Kadokawa

Bonus Disc Featurettes:

  • BSAA Mission Briefing: Combat Arias – If you need a primer on all the major characters of the movie, this is the place to start.
  • Designing the World of Vendetta – A series of interviews with executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, along with Takanori Tsujimoto and Takashi Shimizu.
  • 2016 Tokyo Game Show Footage – Check out the footage that was screened for attendees to the convention, along with a Q&A from the above-mentioned trio.

Resident Evil: Vendetta is available on Blu-ray and DVD now!

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