Wondercon: REVOLUTION Panel Recap Featuring Elizabeth Mitchell, Stephen Collins and Executive Producer Rockne S. O’Bannon

     April 19, 2014


With only four episodes left in the season and Revolution’s renewal still up in the air, the cast and producer took the stage at WonderCon on Friday to discuss the events that have shaken up the show so far.  Elizabeth MitchellStephen Collins, and executive producer Rockne S. O’Bannon were on hand to provide some teases for the rest of the season and to briefly discuss plans for a possible Season 3 of the post-apocalyptic drama.  Hit the jump for highlights from the panel. 

revolution-panel-recapThe talent was introduced following a 5-minute sizzle reel piecing together the moments that have shaped the season so far along with never-before-seen footage of what’s in store for the remainder of the season.  Here’s what we learned during the discussion with Mitchell, Collins, and O’Bannon:

  • The Patriot and the nano storyline have been separate so far, with the group being divided and each of the characters following their own quests.  O’Bannon said that both of these stories will come together in the last episode of the season and the nano storyline will become a huge factor, with Rachel taking center stage.  Mitchell for her part said she really enjoys being part of both the Patriot and the nano world.
  • O’Bannon teased the aftermath of Jason’s death, stating that it will have an emotional resonance but gives the series a right turn.  It will hit Charlie in an unusual way and her means of dealing with it will be unexpected.  The decision to kill off Jason was a difficult one to make but O’Bannon assured that ultimately it shows that any character is vulnerable and it makes the stakes more real.  He also warned to be prepared for Neville to revert back to his old self and become even worse.
  • When asked if Rachel would be providing Charlie with comfort and helping her cope with her loss, Mitchell admitted that Rachel isn’t the best person to come to for help with problems.  However, she believes Rachel is trying to lay moral hope and also be a good mother.  She will try her best to help Charlie with the situation but whether Charlie accepts that help is yet to be seen.
  • For those who enjoy the romance between Rachel and Miles, Mitchell teased an upcoming scene that she described as “fun” and something that both her and Billy Burke enjoyed.  She also believes that if Rachel were ever to forgive Monroe for all he’s done, it would be as a result of her love for Miles.
  • With the revelation that Governor Affeck is a woman, the question of whether Jennifer Garner could fill the role was brought up.  O’Bannon wouldn’t confirm whether or not the creators have serious plans to bring her on board but admitted it’s a wish of his and some of the other creative forces.
  • revolution-panel-recapThe writers were skeptical about introducing and setting up the world of the California Commonwealth this season, wanting to focus mainly on the Patriot storyline.  Ultimately, they knew that’s where they were heading next and as a result, we’ll be learning more about California in the last four episodes.
  • When asked if Danny could somehow be brought back as a manifestation of the nano, O’Bannon only said that Danny is brought up a lot in the writers room and it’s something they keep in mind but didn’t want to go into any specifics.
  • The last few episodes will also show a little more of the dynamic between Monroe and Connor, and their quest to rebuild the Monroe Republic.  This will provide an opportunity to explain how the Republic came to be in the first place and give us a glimpse at the relationship between Monroe and Miles.
  • Lastly, we learned that Eric Kripke pitched Season 3 to the network today and the writers have a pretty good template for what that will consist of.  O’Bannon teased that the finale features a scene in which new knowledge is whispered into Rachel’s ear.  It will change everything we know about what caused the blackout.  “You can’t guess what’s to come,” he concluded.