Limited Paper: Rhys Cooper’s GAME OF THRONES Posters

     June 26, 2012


The second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones may be over, but you can still get your fix by pre-ordering your own set of “Call The Banners” art prints from artist Ryhs Cooper.  Available now and for only 24 hours, this timed edition set is the second wave in his two-part series highlighting five of the Houses of Westeros and one noble order.  A “timed edition” refers to the number sold within a set timeframe, determining the size of that edition.  These 12”x38” banners will be screen printed on heavy art paper stock, featuring four colors and metallic inks.  More about the series and featured Houses after the jump.

Wave Two consists of House Lannister, brandishing their Lion sigil and words, “Hear Me Roar”.  The words, “We Do Not Sow” and Golden Kraken represent the Iron Island’s House Greyjoy.  Finally, the blood of Old Valyria comes to life through a Three-Headed Dragon and House Targaryen’s words, “Fire & Blood”.  All three are being sold as a set for $90.

Pre-Orders for Wave One have ended, which featured Houses Baratheon, Stark, & The Nights Watch.  We’ll let you know when and if there will be a sale outside of the preorders for those items.  The Variants, which are cut in the shape of their respective banners, may also be available.  All prints are now on sale at Rhys Cooper’s online store.

Here’s a better look at the prints:


And here’s Wave 1 if you missed them: