Rhys Wakefield & Richard Roxburghh Exclusive Video Interview SANCTUM

     February 4, 2011

Rhys Wakefield & Richard Roxburghh Interview SANCTUM slice

Today we have an interview with two of the leads from the James Cameron produced Sanctum, Rhys Wakefield and Richard Roxburgh.  You might know Roxburgh from his long and storied career as an actor in such films as Moulin Rouge! Where he played the moustache twirling Duke, Van Helsing where he played Count Dracula, or the villainous Hugh Stamp from Mission: Impossible 2.  Meanwhile Wakefield is an exciting up and comer who makes his Hollywood debut with this film. In the interview we discuss emergency preparedness, how to determine who the smartest guy in the room is, and how to base a character on a real person.  Hit the jump for the interview:

Rhys Wakefield & Richard Roxburghh

  • How would Richard and Rhys react in a real emergency. (00:01-00:50)
  • Richard and Rhys are the two smartest guys in the room in the film but no one listens to them. (00:51-1:20
  • How did they work to develop the strong father son dynamic of the film. (1:20-2:20)
  • How much of the film was done on sets and how much was done on a stage? (2:20-3:03)
  • Richard’s character is based on a real person, how did that effect his performance? (3:03-3:55)
  • What did you learn filming in 3D? (3:55-end)


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