Ricardo de Montreuil May Direct ZORRO REBORN

     March 7, 2012


As producers have settled on the star for their futuristic take on the Zorro character, Zorro Reborn, they’re now looking to nail down a director. Gael Garcia Bernal recently emerged as the likely star in the reimagining, which finds Zorro in a post-apocalyptic wasteland “bent on getting revenge against an evil tyrant and his gang of mercenaries.” Variety reports that Peruvian helmer Ricardo de Montreuil is now a contender to direct the update, as he’s set to direct a screen test for Bernal. Montreuil is best known for helming the short film The Raven, which Universal acquired the rights to back in 2010. The Chronicle-esque sci-fi thriller short is set in an alternate and futuristic Los Angeles and is actually pretty impressive. Hit the jump for more and to watch Montreuil’s short film The Raven.

After watching the short, it’s not hard to see why Fox is interested in the director for this futuristic take on the Zorro legend. De Montreuil is by no means firmly set as the Zorro Reborn director, but he definitely has a leg-up on the competition with the screen test gig. I’m still not entirely sold on the post-apocalyptic angle for Zorro (it sounds like they’re really only interested in the brand recognition), but the involvement of Bernal and de Montreuil certainly makes the project more appealing. Hit the jump to watch the sci-fi short The Raven.


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