Richard Kelly – Exclusive Video Interview

     November 2, 2007

Finally opening up on November 9th is “Southland Tales,” the new film from writer/director Richard Kelly. If his name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you saw his first film, “Donnie Darko.”

By now most of you know the deal with “Southland Tales.” The film premiered at Cannes a few years ago and it didn’t go over bery well. Audiences who saw the only screening of the eagerly awaited follow up to “Darko” were left scratching their heads.

But now, after a long time editing the movie and getting some extra money to finish the special effects, Richard has finally completed the film and it’ll be everywhere next Friday. So to help you get ready for the movie, earlier today I was able to interview Richard and our conversation is below.

During our time we talked almost as much about his next project “The Box” as “Southland” as he’s getting ready to start filming in a few weeks. It’s a great interview and one worth watching.

Finally, if you missed the movie clips that I posted from “Southland Tales” you can watch them here. Again, “Southland Tales” opens November 9th. I promise you won’t see another movie like it this year.

Richard Kelly

  • We start talking about his next project The Box

  • What was the most challenging part of making Southland Tales and what does he think the most challenging will be about The Box

  • We talk about the cast for Southland Tales and The Box

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