‘Rick and Morty’ Screaming Sun Alarm Clock Ensures You Will Never Oversleep Again

     April 1, 2018


It’s been over a year now since the throngs of insufferable obsessives who treat Rick and Morty like the one cool lost testament of the Bible decided to lose much of their collective shit over sour trash sauce churned out by McDonald’s. Due to a spot-on sardonic joke made by Rick toward the beginning of Season 3 of the show, legions of fans descended on innumerable McDonald’s locations nationwide when the fast-food chain announced they would be re-releasing a select amount of their discontinued Szechuan Sauce. The thought of how many of these people, who venerate the anti-social and misanthropic genius that is Rick, began groveling for tangy sewer water to dip fried chicken scraps in from one of the most powerful brands on this Earth nearly breaks me on a weekly basis.


Image via Adult Swim

This is not to say that Rick and Morty has not produced some excellent merchandise. Most notable is the apparel that is made with Daylight Curfew that crosses Rick and Morty with El-P and Killer Mike from Run the Jewels, but we might have a new winner as of today. Earlier today, the ThinkGeek chain posted an advertisement for a Rick and Morty alarm clock that wakes you up with the now famous screaming sun from the cartoon series on their Facebook. You can watch the entire commercial right below and you can purchase the clock right here:

ThinkGeek is now selling these alarm clocks for $59.99 but it does look as if supplies are extremely limited. It’s unclear just exactly who would want to be woken up every single morning by the sound of that ungodly wailing but as one might have picked up from the aforementioned Szechuangate, attempting to surmise the reasoning behind the impulses of Rick and Morty die-hards is a fool’s errand. To be fair, if one were to ignore its primary use, it’s a pretty nifty piece of work that would likely look perfect in the home of a serious collector of Rick and Morty paraphernalia or just general animation collectors. Those very collectors and many more will probably not be very happy when they reach the check out page on ThinkGeek, however. Happy April Fool’s Day!