‘Rick and Morty’ Trailer Teases the Final Five Episodes of the New Season

     April 1, 2020


In these bleak times, we could all use a laugh, especially if those laughs remind us of how bleak everything is. Enter the return of Rick and Morty. The series was picked up for an additional seventy episodes over an unspecified number of seasons, but the first five episodes of Season 4 aired back in November. Now Adult Swim has released a trailer for “the other five”, which means that, at least for now, Rick and Morty seasons will continue to be 10 episodes in length and that the plan is to space them out over six months, with five episodes coming in November and the next five coming in May. That’s a pretty good rotation, and I’ll be curious to see if it can keep the show in the zeitgeist.

As for this trailer, it looks pretty good! If you’re on board with what Rick and Morty does on a regular basis, then you shouldn’t be disappointed by what’s coming our way next month. It looks like there will be mechs, more aliens, and more of Jerry being a doofus. These are all the things I want from this ridiculous animated series. That being said, I am curious if Rick and Morty has the same kind of appeal during a pandemic. The show’s level of bleak humor and darkness was a giddy thrill in normal times, but is Rick ruining Morty’s life or destroying a planet full of innocent people the kind of entertainment people want right now? I’m betting yes. We want what’s familiar, and even if it’s dark comedy like Rick and Morty, that’s an odd comfort right now.

Check out the new Rick and Morty trailer below. The other five episodes premiere on May 3rd on Adult Swim. Also, be sure to check out our Rick and Morty episodes ranked article.