‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4: Watch the New Opening Title Sequence

     November 8, 2019

The long-awaited fourth season of Rick and Morty is nearly upon us, and Adult Swim just uploaded Season 4’s new opening title sequence to YouTube. If you’re a fan of the bizarre sci-fi animated comedy, you probably know that the clips in the show’s opening title sequence have changed with each new season, adding in clips of adventures we’re going to see alongside crazy one-off situations that never actually appear in an episode.

Just like in previous seasons, every clip shown in the Season 4 titles are brand new, except for the familiar opening of Rick using his portal gun to ditch Morty to be eaten by a pair of giant green monsters, and the closing shot of Rick, Morty, and Summer fleeing an angry Cthulhu in Rick’s ship, with Summer clutching a baby Cthulhu in her arms. (I wonder if that’s ever going to make it into an episode.)


Image via Adult Swim

The first clip shows Rick HALO-jumping into the upper atmosphere of a planet in the middle of a sprawling space armada assault against a gigantic mutant Morty Beholder. The second features Rick, Morty, and Beth standing in the garage, surrounded by snakes. A tiny simian-looking cyborg drops in through a portal and uppercuts all the snakes away while the trio looks on in stunned surprise. The third clip shows Rick pulling a dazed Morty through what appears to be some kind of dimensional field and then immediately getting the shit beat out of him by a muscle-bound dude with a beard. In the next one, a Godzilla-sized Morty bursts out of the ocean on an alien planet and screams, sending a bunch of aliens fleeing the beach in panic. And in the final clip, Rick, Morty, Beth, and Summer are hiding in the kitchen from a rampaging two-headed goose. Rick pulls a laser rifle out of a hidden compartment in the refrigerator, then crouches down and prepares to shoot the goose as it freaks out on top of the dining room table.

Because of the gonzo, literally-anything-is-possible nature of Rick and Morty, it’s hard to predict which clips are scenes from a future episode, and which are purely gags. However, the ones that are gags tend to not require any context, which suggests to me that the sequence featuring Rick yanking a dazed Morty to safety before getting pummeled by a swole man with a chinbeard is probably from an episode, if for no other reason than there’s no real joke to it. As far as the others, I have no freaking idea. We’ll just have to find out when Season 4 premieres this Sunday.

Check out the Season 4 opening title sequence below, and see if you can guess which scenes are from an actual episode and which are just gags.