The Epic Ricky Gervais Interview Part 2: ‘Special Correspondents’, Larry David, His Writing Process, and More

     April 29, 2016


Ricky Gervais always makes me laugh. Whether it’s hosting the Golden Globes, his amazing work as David Brent on The Office or Andy Millman on Extras, his guest appearances on shows like Louie or Curb Your Enthusiasm, or in his countless other shows and movies, Gervais always finds a way to make me laugh out loud. So when I found out I was going to talk with him for his new Netflix movie Special Correspondents (streaming April 29th) which he wrote and directed, you could say I was kind of excited. But nothing could have prepared me for how awesome the interview was actually going to be.

Before going any further, you need to know how interviews normally work. Generally you go to a local hotel and the person you’re going to talk to spends their day answering the same questions over and over again for six to eight hours. If it’s not at a local hotel, you might land a ten to fifteen minute phone conversation, where it’s sometimes hard to get in a rhythm because it’s a phone call.


Image via Netflix

But for my Ricky Gervais interview, I somehow managed to talk with him on Skype, and what was supposed to be a short 15-20 minute interview morphed into an hour and fifteen minute conversation about everything from Woody Allen to Christopher Guest. Of course we also talked about making his new movie for Netflix, his editing process, why he shoots with two cameras, who gives him honest feedback, his love of This is Spinal Tap, his next movie, David Brent: Life on the Road, the way Larry David likes to work, his writing process, if he’ll ever work with Karl Pilkington again, and so much more. If you’re a fan of his I promise you’ll enjoy this conversation.

Before getting to the interview, if you’re not familiar with Special Correspondents, it’s a satire of modern news coverage that focuses on a New York based radio journalist (Eric Bana) who fakes front line war reports with his technician (Gervais) from a hideout above a Queens’ restaurant. The film also stars America Ferrara, Benjamin Bratt, Vera Farmiga, Raúl Castillo, and Kelly MacDonald. You can watch the trailer here.

Finally, since the interview covered so many subjects, I broke it up into two parts. Below is part two. If you missed the first part click here.

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