Cool News Regarding a Cameo on THE OFFICE

     January 19, 2011


Less than one week removed from the news that Steve Carell will be leaving NBC’s The Office prior to the end of its seventh season, some news regarding an upcoming cameo on the show has leaked.  If you would like to know more about the special appearance, hit the jump.

Inside TV has confirmed that Ricky Gervais will reprise his role of David Brent (a.k.a. the original Michael Scott) for the show’s January 27th episode.  Per the report, Brent will run into his American counterpart, Michael Scott, in what is described as a “small cameo.”

Naturally, the scene was shot months ago with those involved hoping to keep the appearance under wraps.  Unfortunately, the Internet (of which, I’m a guilty party) has no appreciation for surprises and TV Line scooped the cameo earlier today.  For those unaware, Gervais co-created the original UK version of The Office and remains an executive producer on the American series as well.