Ridley Scott in Talks to Direct Adaptation of Comic Book Series ‘Queen & Country’

     March 15, 2018


Ridley Scott likes to keep busy, and he keeps busy by always making sure he has a slate full of potential projects ready to go. Whatever is funded first usually becomes Scott’s next project. Now he’s adding a comic adaptation to his list of potential features. According to The Wrap, he’s in talks to direct an adaptation of Greg Rucka’s spy thriller Queen & Country. Per The Wrap, “Set in the fictional British Secret Intelligence Service, Queen and Country centers on an operative named Tara Chace, a top British intelligence agent who is used as bait to draw out an international terrorist after an attack in London.”

I usually love Rucka’s stuff, and Queen & Country was one of the most acclaimed titles of the early 2000s, but I could not get into it for some reason. However, the notion of a spy thriller is evergreen, especially if you get a strong actress to play Chace. The project has been in development for a while now as far back as 2007 when Craig Viveiros was on board to direct with Ellen Page, coming off the critical acclaim of Juno, set to star, but neither is currently involved with the project.

Keep in mind that Scott has plenty of other projects he could pursue. He could do the Merlin Saga, he might try to do another Alien or another Blade Runner, and right now he’s focused on directing The Cartel.

Here’s the synopsis for the first volume of Queen & Country:

QUEEN & COUNTRY, the Eisner Award-winning and critically lauded espionage series from acclaimed novelist and comic book author Greg Rucka, is back in a new series of definitive editions collecting the entire classic series in just four affordable soft covers. In this first collection, readers are introduced to the thrilling and often-times devastating world of international espionage as SIS field agent Tara Chase is sent all over the world in service to her Queen & Country all the while Director of Operations Paul Crocker walks a narrow tightrope between his loyalty to his people and the political masters that must be served!

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